Lilly Oncology on Canvas:
Celebrate the art. Celebrate the hope.

Lilly Oncology on Canvas is a biennial art competition and exhibition that invites those touched by cancer to express, through art and narrative, that which gives their cancer journey meaning. People diagnosed with any type of cancer, their families and friends, caregivers and healthcare providers are all eligible.


Oncology on Canvas, which is currently touring the country for two years, includes 580 separate works of art and accompanying essays.  Though the tour schedule does not designate which pieces are on exhibit at which venues, seeing any of the works is a moving and inspiring experience. So check the website below to determine if and when the exhibit will be in your vicinity this year, or next. You can also go to
to see some of the works that are being exhibited.

At the kick-off of the exhibition, four works from Lilly Oncology on Canvas, among them "Groucho" were seen by millions on the Regis & Kathy Show. When "Groucho" was shown, members of the audience expressed an audible sigh; a sigh of relief perhaps that there could be humor expressed as part of a cancer journey.  This year marks the 20th anniversary of my mother's death from cancer. She will be the emissary of this message on tour, and at the cancer facility that will receive the painting as a donation for their permanent collection.

If you would like to be notified of Natasha Rabin's upcoming exhibitions please let her know by  sending her an email.

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