Natasha’s mixed-media collage, “here & there”, is featured as the
cover image for a new book entitled, “A Wider Lens: How to See
Your Life Differently” by psychotherapist and homeopath,
Dr. Kenneth Silvestri.

“here & there” has also been selected for the brochure cover of the
20th Annual Parkinson’s Symposium being conducted this Fall by Beth
Israel Deaconess Hospital / Harvard Medical School.



Lilly Oncology on Canvas:
Celebrate the art. Celebrate the hope.

Lilly Oncology on Canvas is a biennial art competition and exhibition that invites those touched by cancer to express, through art and narrative, that which gives their cancer journey meaning. People diagnosed with any type of cancer, their families and friends, caregivers and healthcare providers are all eligible.

While this painting remains very close to Natasha’s heart she literally
has no idea of its whereabouts. After touring the country for two
years as part of an exhibit entitled “Oncology on Canvas” it was
donated to a cancer facility. Natasha hopes it is bringing a smile to
the faces of those on the journey that her mother was experiencing
in this painting - - with humor for medicine.

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