sTatES of gRacE

“In 2006 I happened upon an article about the artist Grace Knowlton.  I had just completed thirty portraits of women for an upcoming show.  I wished then that she had been one of them.  Several years later I met Grace at an exhibition that serendipitously included both our work, and asked if I could paint her portrait.

Curiosity aroused, she agreed.

Before beginning what would become this exhibit, I read an essay on Grace's website entitled, How to Draw Wrong.  Among the points it offered were: "Keep your thinking mind blank. Give up any idea of what the drawing should look like. You are going to be surprised." I am. And for those who know my work, or Grace, I hope you will be as well.

sTatES of gRacE is a collection of drawings, paintings and collage inspired by artist Grace Knowlton.

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